I’m Christy, a Career Mentor for RNs and here to guide you to the next level of your career.

I’ve been an RN for almost 30 years and I’ve had a career that I could never have imagined when I first became an LVN on a Med-Surg oncology unit in a teaching hospital:

Earning my BSN and MA in Spiritual Psychology
Home Care & Infusion
Brain Tumor Program Coordinator
Transitioning to a new type of non-clinical nursing career in the pharmaceutical industry:
– Sales
– Clinical Education
– Marketing
– Training

When I look back, the foundation of my career has been built on my commitment to figuring out how I could mash up my education, experiences, and expertise to have a nursing career that was a perfect fit for for me, no matter what anyone else thought.

 I help nurses like you leave toxic working situations and take charge of your career so you can be happy again. 

Being a nurse wasn’t always on my radar. While an undergrad, my major was Communications.

But the major was so popular that I was forced to make a choice: I could wait 5 or 6 years to graduate OR shift gears to a career that promised opportunities, good money and great benefits AND I could graduate on time.

I made the switch and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

After completing an LVN program, I went on to get my RN, then BSN, and finally an MA in Spiritual Psychology.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the past 30 years…

Nurses have options

As an LVN, I realized there was more to nursing than working at the bedside. I could take my license, skills, and experience with me wherever I went.

Being intentional matters

I didn’t go back to school just to get away from the floor, I saw a path forward and going back to school was an intentional part of it. 

It’s okay to ask for help

We’re used to doing for others, and not getting help for ourselves. When I hired a coach, my career took off in a whole new direction.

Your career is in your hands

Creating a career plan for my career empowered me. I got clear about where I was going, what I needed to do and executed a plan.


We all have the inner resources to effectively show up, create our career paths, and can work in jobs that are perfect for us.

In the power of setting intentions. They are the guiding force that sets the tone for my day and helps me to be flexible.

Having a learning-orientation to my career (learning from experiences, intuition, and feedback) is what’s empowered me to have a non-traditional career path that’s perfect for me.

Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes, if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. Being a nurse is hard work and rewarding.

We all have unique preferances and gifts to share as nurses. Stepping into and owning those choices not only gives us career satisfaction, but personal satisfaction as well.

My Bio…

Christy Moore is a Registered Nurse who began her nursing career 30 years ago. From med-surg
nursing to home care, to nurse coordinator for a brain tumor clinic to cardiac step down,
Christy has seen firsthand what it takes to have a thriving, non-traditional career in nursing.
When she decided to leave clinical nursing altogether, she began working in the pharmaceutical
industry where she’s held positions in sales, marketing, sales training and clinical education.
One of the companies she worked for actually paid for her master’s degree in Spiritual
No matter what position she’s held, Christy says it’s her background in nursing that enables her
to still work as a nurse in the pharmaceutical industry and still make a difference in patients’
lives, even though she doesn’t provide direct patient care.
Christy is currently working as a Clinical Educator and is the creator of a new podcast, Beyond
Med-Surg Nursing, a career podcast for nurses. Through her podcast, Christy provides
inspiration and information to help nurses realize that they can combine their skills, experience and
education to have a nursing career that’s perefect for them.

When you’re working, balancing a family, and trying to get ahead, time is always tight. Why try to do it all yourself? 



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